Workshops with Power Pole Queen Carlotta Lenzi


Workshops with Power Pole Queen Carlotta Lenzi

Die tolle Carlotta Lenzi besucht uns am 05.05.18 um uns bei einigen Workshops ihre Tipps und Tricks zu zeigen. Sie reist extra aus Italien an und gibt uns die Möglichkeit Eindrücke in ihre Pole Welt zu machen.
Biography of Carlotta Lenzi:

Carlotta fell in love with pole dancing four years ago, and after only 8 months she took her first degree as instructor; in one year she trained a lot and obtained her second degree, then the third as a federal coach for the POSA federation.

She participated in two national competitions in SemiPro category taking the 6th and the 8th place. She is also an international judge for POSA (she judged the Italian and the France Championship), and teach pole dance in Parma; her style is a mix between pole dance and pole sport, between sweetness and dynamicity, freedom and control.

Hier könnt ihr euch schonmal ein paar Eindrücke von ihr machen:

Pole Position WORKSHOPS Samstag, 05.05.2018:

10:00 Uhr – 11:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 60,- for one person per pole or € 50,- for two per pole

Double Spin Flow -Beginner Level

The keyword of this lesson is SPIN; we’ll work focusing on fluid and dynamic combos at the same time, using our spinning pole. The result will be great impact tricks that will capture who will see you perform them!!

12:00 Uhr – 13:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 50,- per person

Twist your Body like a snake -All Levels (good flexibility is a prerequisite, not for beginner stretchers with no flexibility suitable)

Let you body get relaxed and play with the splits and back bending that this workshop provide. After a strong warm up, we’ll analyse some flexibility’s elements and catch all the secrets to perform them at the best!!

15:00 Uhr – 16:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 60,- for one person per pole or € 50,- for two per pole

Ultra Pole Power – intermediate/advanced

We see very often pictures or videos of beautiful moves, which shines a sense of power : today we will learn how to make us too!!!! The workshop will focus on flags of various kinds, handstands and other strength elements.

17:00 Uhr – 18:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 60,- for one person per pole or € 50,- for two per pole

Dynamic Pole -intermediate/advanced

Dynamic tricks are amazing, but sometimes are also the scariest; we will divide them into small pieces, exploiting the dynamics of correct movement… and we’ll discover that they aren’t as scary as we thought!!!