Workshop´s with Anete Blaua


Workshop´s mit Anete Blaua

Die Pole dancerin Anete Blaua besucht uns am 28.04.2023 um uns bei einigen Workshop´s ihre tollen Tipps und Tricks zu zeigen. Sie reist extra aus Irland an und ist bekannt für ihre dynamischen Moves an der static Pole.


Anete is a pole dance coach for almost 8 years now.
Her Background is swimming, winter swimming and powerlifting.
Anete Studied Science of Sport in Latvia Sport Academy.
Hailing from Riga, Latvia – Anete is an accomplished pole athlete and dancer, who has performed and competed around the world. Now lives and teaches in Ireland, Fierce Fitness pole studios.

Pure enthusiast of body possibilities, the art of expression, safe and aware movement, dance and everything around it. Learning and exploring for her never stops.
Anete is extremely happy and grateful to be doing what she loves- teaching, performing and creating. Always inspired and driven by how powerful and honest the art of expression can be.

Workshop´s :
  • 16:00 Uhr – 17:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 70,-
    Low Pole Flow/ all Levels (AUSGEBUCHT)

This class is combined with Spins, Balance moves and transitions that help you travel from one move to the next. In this class we will twirl around the pole in many different ways, using the floor as our support. Static Pole

  • 18:00 Uhr – 19:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 70,-
    Power Pole / intermediate Level (1 Platz frei)

I will explain the biomechanics of Power Spins and we will do cool Power moves and Spins using techniques that I use to be explosive and dynamic. Drops and Static Rotations will also be a part of this class. Detailed explanation, progressions, technical and gradual approach always. Static Pole

Students need to able to do one arm spins of any kind (single arm chair spin also counts)