Workshop´s with Maja Pirc


Workshop´s mit „Survivor“ Finalistin Maja Pirc

Die Pole dancerin Maja Pirc besucht uns am 19.03.22 um uns bei einigen Workshop´s ihre tollen Tipps und Tricks zu zeigen. Sie kommt aus Slowenien und ist bekannt für ihre dynamischen Moves an der static Pole.


Maja Pirc is a professional self learned pole artist from Slovenia. She has been pole dancing since 2012. Soon after she fell in love with this sport she opened her own studio – Pole dance studio M in Kranj Slovenia. She inspires pole dancers from all over the world.

Before pole dancing she did competitive Rhytmic Gymnastic for 7 years. Beside that she also did whole lots of other sports such as Athletics, Hip Hop, Kickboxing… You may also know Maja from reality show Survivor (Slovenia) where she took a place in finals.

Her pole dancing videos already reached a big number of views on you tube:

YT Channel


Maja is looking forward sharing her passion to all pole lovers and can’t wait to visit you!

Workshop´s :
  • 09:00 Uhr – 10:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 60,- 1 per Pole / 50€ 2 per Pole
    Feel the Floor / All Levels (strong Handstand)

Not all of the moves needs to be done from upside down. In this workshop we will use the pole and the floor at the same time. We will learn to do some handstands and twists, which you can use as the beginning of the perfect combo or entering into a nice choreography. (Recommended Prerequisites: Handstand from Crucifix)

  • 11:00 Uhr – 12:30 Uhr – 90 min. € 60,- 1 per Pole / 50€ 2 per Pole
    Static Acrobatic / Intermediate – Advanced

Try out some crazy tricks with me, we will learn to do all kinds of flips and turns, drops and other dynamic moves. This workshop also includes one of my biggest obsession – static spins! Let’s fight gravity! (Recommended Prerequisites: Brass monkey)